Web Creation

Looking for an effective way to communicate to your customers or membership base? A website using cutting edge technologies can be created for you in as little as a week!

These web sites can be quickly customized to your specific needs and can feature...

  • news, programs and services overview
  • events calendar
  • membership management
  • email based newsletter
  • user commenting system
  • event registration
  • advertising banner system
  • download management system
  • interactive polling system
  • form submission system
  • RSS newsfeeds
  • private messaging system
  • postcard system
  • member home page system
  • integrated search and sitemap systems
  • web links
  • frequently asked questions
  • classifieds and marketplace system
  • automatic language translations
  • standard 'terms of use' and 'privacy policy'
  • social media connections
  • PLUS almost any other feature you’d like to offer on your site!

Domain Name Registry
All websites require a registered domain name (example.com) to direct people to your information. I can set-up and register a domain name with any of the following extensions...
  • .com
  • .ca
  • .org
  • .net
  • .biz
  • .info
Domain names begin at $30 a year. You can check right now if a domain name is currently available by going to http://www.whois.org. If you already have a domain name, it can be set up to be pointed to your new site!

Web Site Creation Rates
Web Site Creation Rates
Each website is custom built using a tailored 'template' to define your page layout, coloring, look and feel. A flat rate of $40.00 / hour is used for the development and management of all sites.

A website is only as good as its last update. Your visitors want an updated source of information from you. The site that I will build for you has a user-friendly maintenance feature. It will allow even the most novice computer user to update their own website in minutes! I can offer you a choice in maintenance packages. You can either do your own updates – or I can do them for you! 

Web Hosting from $1 a day!
All websites require a 'webhost' or server to store your site on-line. I can arrange for a reliable and affordable host for your site for as little as 20 cents a day! The hosting fee is based on the actual size of your site. Factors such as a large amount of images, audio and video clips can increase this required amount.

Search Engine Submission
Over 85% of all web traffic begins at the search engine level. A part of my service includes the submission of your website address and site description to over 100 different search engines worldwide including the big ones - Google, Yahoo and Bing.