To avoid computer downtime and lost productivity, I recommended a regular cleaning and re-installation of your operating system and all software / drivers on a regular basis. With regular use, such as browsing the web and using email, your computer can begin showing the following symptoms…

  • slow performance
  • operating system failure
  • computer virus problems
  • spyware, malware, adware, rootkit infections
  • failed or problematic internet or network connections
  • hardware failure & conflicts
  • memory (RAM) problems
  • printing problems

To ensure your computer system runs at its peak performance, select one of the following packages below...

Bronze PackageBronze Package - $125.00

Approximate 2 day turnaround


  • complete backup of all your data (documents, videos, images, email, address book, dictionary, downloads, etc.)
  • reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system (i.e. Windows)
  • reinstallation and tweaking of all hardware drivers and peripherals including audio, video, disk and optical drives, network card, printer, scanner, and cameras

Silver PackageSilver Package - $150.00

Approximate 3 day turnaround

Includes all items listed in the BRONZE PACKAGE plus…

  • anti-virus and firewall applications
  • current spyware / adware / malware removal programs
  • physical cleaning of the PC tower (removal of dust and dirt from inside and outside the case)

 Gold Package - $175.00

Approximate 3 day turnaround

Includes all items listed in the SILVER and BRONZE PACKAGES plus…

  • install all common Office applications
  • multimedia players including all audio and video codecs
  • PDF reader / creation / conversion software
  • Customized web browser
  • hardware upgrade recommendation (including memory, video / audio / network card upgrades)
  • desktop search and indexing program
  • Adobe Flash & Shockwave
  • CD / DVD burning software
  • photo / video / audio editing software
  • file compression software
  • file sharing / transfer software
  • other software programs on request

Package Notes:

  • Exact turnaround times may vary for each of the above packages
  • Additional problems discovered or features added will involve additional fee of $40.00 / hour depending on amount.
  • All Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages will be performed away from your home and will require your PC tower for 2-3 days.
  • Door-to-door delivery option is available (in Winnipeg).

Additional Services
    Hardware Upgrades
  • total set-up and configuration of your new computer
  • memory / RAM installation
  • CD / DVD drive installation
  • hard drive installation
  • audio card installation
  • video card installation
  • network card installation
  • Installation includes any additional software / drivers required to get the upgrade fully functional.
  • A flat rate of $40.00 / hour will apply to the time involved in installing the hardware. Fee does not include the actual hardware.

Be Kind to the Environment!

Recycle Your Computer!If you have an old computer or accessories that you are not using, I will gladly help recycle them for you!